Thursday, 1 March 2012


...Someday Someone Will Walk into Your Life and Make Your Realise WHY it Never Worked With Anyone Else...

Ok... Enough of this soppy sickening yucky stuff... I'm on a freaking mission!! 

Now that my life is back to being kinda normal... I have routine back into my life. (YAYYYY!!!) 

Which means I can plan and do what i gotta do.

New Mission: 

LEARN to Play Golf (even hitting the ball would be good...)
LEARN to play piano... (stick at it this time... Since I have a freaking Piano :S)
LEARN yoga (Need to do some sorta exercise)
GET MOTIVATED and start running! (RUN BITCH! RUN!!)

Nails and Hair


...Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head...

Red Boyfriend Shirt + Red Lips 




...Where Magic Happens...





:).on a final note... my brother got engaged and i'm the happiest sister in the universe. (:


Saturday, 31 December 2011


hair-check, nails-check, make-up-check, clothes-check, drink-check... lets get drunk and happy :) woo!

...cute little winter penguins...aww...

Hey :) I thought i'd do a little post b4 the end of 2011... I can't believe its the end again and the beginning so soon :) where did the time go?... I feel i could write a blog on reflecting on my year... but i'll not bore you :P Just know... I am super duper lucky, grateful, healthy, happy and appreciating everything and everybody around me :) .I.LoVE.LiFE.

New Years Resolutions are scrapped... seeing as i'm pretty pathetic at them :S However... I actually cannot wait to start being healthy as I do feel pretty... obese... I mean... for my height?!?... I shouldn't weigh this much... haha! :*( no worries... I.WILL.BE.SKINNY!! .ONE.DAY.

I decided to get my brushes out n do my make up for new year n stop looking like a tramp haha! :S

high arched brows with black gel liner with elongated wing

day lighting... make up looks so much lighter...

terracotta smoked lid, bronzed sculpted cheeks and pink lip


*cleanse, moisturise and prime face
*apply foundation and conceal blemishes and dark circles
*apply a eye primer, then a cream base all over eye
*using a beige toned eyeshadow, pat on to the lid
*using a terracotta shade, blend make up using a fluffy brush into the whole socket 
*then using a darker warm shade of brown, concentrate and blend from outer socket to half way
*using the same colour create a slight shadow on lower lashes
*use a intense black pencil gel eyeliner on waterline (top and bottom) then lash line and elongate rather than create a 60's *flick and connect with bottom lashes and smudge slightly
*use a black gel liner to create a very black top liner.
*using eyebrow pencil, draw in brows making sure to give it a high arch and extended them to match with eyeliner and use a gel to secure them.
*sculpt cheeks with a bronzer at cheekbones and highlight where the light catches (apples of cheeks, bridge of nose etc)
*apply a pink lip and finish off with lashings of mascara and some maybe some cheeky falsies? :p
*apply some finishing powder to ensure your make up lasts

walaaaaaa... u r ready to rock n roll :) 

(: ...happy 2012... :)



Monday, 14 November 2011

Its... been a while....

Heyyy! I would say I can't believe I haven't blogged... but I know what I'm like. I could give a thousand excuses but I'll save my jibberish for J to endure :D hehe ;) 

Anyhooo... Its really hard to blog as its been that long... and honestly... not much has happened... and I haven't done much to even try and be interesting :S I have however... GOT SHOT OF THE ORANGE HAIR!! haha :D we all knew it would happen at some point :) I did really like it... but decided... at 24... MAYBe... I shouldn't be cutting about like i'm 14... The point of return was when I had 2 school girls... I guess around 12... 13? screaming rather loudly as I strolled to Greggs that they "LOVED MY HAIR!! and IT WAS SOOOO COOL!"... so instead of buying sausage rolls... I ran straight to boots and bought hair dye... :D haha! So now I'm a mix of chocolate and caramel :) yummyummy :)


me and my litto bro mark at my dads bday dinner

before going out for Denny's Birthday

Goodbye! orange hair!!

J trying to eat me after beating me at karting

a freakkkkky doll for halloween

<3Yanus<3 and me at Sugarcube
This is gonna sound mad but I LOVE MY LIFE!! :) I love everyone in my life :) and everything about it! ok... a chippy was never in a million years on the career path for me... but it is now... and as much as I miss the glam side of hair and make up! I don't regret leaving as I can always go back :) but as of right now... I am as happy as can be :)

my cutie mushrooms nails :)
So... I was a freakkkkkky scary ass doll at halloween and tbh... I thought I looked really cool until I stepped out my flat and realised... "OMG! I need to get WASTED!!!" hahaha! every girl was dressed really really sexily and cute and I was just plain SCARY hahaha! EVEN my friends didn't know who I was lol! Its all good nothing a few jagerbombs can't fix lol!

MY NAILSSSS!!! aren't they fabb??!!! haha! I was bored on a monday night and took an hour and a half doing them!! but they were super cute and I couldn't stop shoving my hands in peoples faces the next 2 days hahaha! ... very subtely of course ;) 

Right ok... gna wrap this up! but one more thing!!! NOT LONG TILL CRIMBO AMIGOS!!! Woooo!... even if the only day in December I get off is XMAS DAY :*( I can't wait till the build up is over and I get to chill/relax and spend time with my beautiful ever growing family and eat like NOBODY IS WATCHING haha :p




Tuesday, 27 September 2011


OK... so... I skipped past ginger... and headed straight to NEON ILLUMINOUS ORANGE... FUCK. Seriously... what is wrong with me...? I was heading out Sat night and my colour was fading to a yellow so I thought... 'I can't go out like this!!'... chucked on the mandarin dimensions hair dye... mixed it with conditioner so it wouldn't go too orange. ... Wolfed my supper down in 5 minutes and washed it out... BOOM! bright fuking orange tips with yellow midlengths and dark roots... aww... mannn... how HORRIFIC! just for the record... I still went out... WHAT A CLOWN! lets just say... THANK GOD I WEAR A HAT AT WORK... :S Right... So i re-dyed it with the dimension dye again last night... I mean... i've taken it too far already... so why not take it further...? hahaha! I will now show you... from my inspiration to my first attempt... 2nd attempt... 3rd attempt... to now...

inspiration(autumn leaves)

1st attempt (barely ginger)

2nd attempt (nearly ginger)

3rd attempt (oh.fuk)


Ok... happy laughing you guys! I'm going to keep this for maybe a month... until it washes out so I can dye it a sensible colour! but for now... this is for keeps :D



.laugh and the world laughs with (at) you. 
.Cry... and you cry alone.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


HiHi! U Guys! I am officially GINGER!!!! (and a BOSS! ;) OOoooooo...) (O_o)


I wanted to do it last WINTER... BUT... waited till this AUTUMN... to match... the TREES... hahaha! :D I've ditched the bleach bottle as my hair is resembling a stack of hay... EVEN after a whole lotta conditioning and brushing...  (the bleach is not too far away... INCASE I come to my senses... :P) Anyways... I've still got the balayage effect going on... (dark roots...light ends) but instead of brown n blonde... just ginger and extra ginger... AND GUESS WHAT?!? I FRIKKING LOVE IT! and i'm not SINGLE! hahaha! J loves it too... (LIKE HE HAS A CHOICE?!?! lol! :D)

Ok... So i've used a box dye (SSSssshhhh...!!) Loreal mango something on my roots for 20mins then ends for only 10... otherwise my hair would begin to snap off... It was still wishy washy so I added a crazy colour... a mix of yellow and red... BUT... I put too much red... and my hair looked pink... I freaked out and took it off to early... BUT i'm still uber ginge... but I have now went and bought Directions mandarin colour and will use it at some point...

first colour a bit too wishy washy

AFTER some crazy colour :)

 Can't wait to get even more GINGER...but loving this for now... :D
Will defo upload and share for al to see :D

Today I am wearing new autumn clothes too :D 
Cream thick knitted jumper : ZARA
Wooly Scarf : HandM
Belt and boots : Primark
Denim Shorts : River Island

thanks for reading! :)

...i've gone MAD...


Saturday, 10 September 2011


Hi!Hi!Hiiii!! Ok... I've just checked my lottery... AND...GUESS WHAT!!!?! I DIDN'T WINNNN!!! *SHoCKSHoCKHoRRoRHoRRoR*... Not Even One number!... I always say "I wish I won the lottery..." Its a stupid saying really... As who Doesn't?... But... AS I never buy the lottery... there was 2 chances of that happening... Meet... "FAT" chance... and... "NO" chance... But... REALLY?... What r the chances of even winning... or getting a number... atleasT?? Rant over... Let's get girly :D

Whilst J is being a lazy bumm and sleeping... I thought I could quickly finish my nails that I started when I got in from work last night :) I did one hand and thought it looked THE BomB! haha!... So... I've left my other hand to show you guys how to do it... So easy!! I did... However, buy some stamping kit... But i'm FriKKing useless at it :( so until I've mastered it... I'm not going to even embarass myself... (I'm readng this over atm... and I think my grammar is horrific... plz don't mark this as u read...)

Just had a look at the pictures... my hands look old (as I am a hard worker :P) and my nails are smudged because J attacked me with the duvet whilst they were wet (Don't Worry... He's Still ALIVE...just...) So... plz forgive me... I am not re-doing them... 



What you NEED! change colours if you wish... and no dotting tool? USE KIRBY :)

Paint nails like SO... I've reversed the colours on EACH HAND

On a Bit of Paper DOT the polish onto it

Using kirby/tool... dip into opp. colour of polish and make a kinda star shape (leave space for different colour of flower)

Using the white polish do the same

Add a little center using white-lilac... lilac-white :S and do wee dots to fill the gaps :)

Do the same to the rest of them and TaDaaaaa... (Left Hand)

2 hands together... you don't have to be wierd and do opp. colours

Right Hand :) aww.. So PRETTY :D

Ok All Done :) Hope you've enjoyed Reading this and Have a good time doing it :D FLoWER.PoWER!! haha! I'm sure that was a cartoon or summik! Back.In.The.DAY... :)smile:) LOVE.HopE.DReaMs xluvleeleex

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